Wellsboro (4 0): Throughout the last five years

One of those waiting is Gemma, 35, from Kings Heath, who is currently sofa surfing while her 11 year old son, who is autistic, lives with his grandmother. She ended up homeless three months ago after her mother died and the family decided to sell her home, which she had been living in. She is also dealing with the trauma of her boyfriend and father of her child recently taking his own life..

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Jim Reed, who leads the NCSL’s military and veterans task force, said that’s a price tag no state can currently afford.”There’s no extra money in any state budget right now we have declining tax revenues and at the same time, the needs and extra costs are tremendous,” he said. “My state of Colorado, for example, just last week reported a $3.3 billion revenue shortfall. And unlike the federal government, states can’t really deficit spend.

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