“More services had been added to the light rail

He is using his private jet. Mr Power said while he had intended to commute weekly, to date he had been kept in Canberra longer than expected and had only made four Canberra Perth flights. While the jet has made about 20 trips since his appointment in late March, Mr Power said it was available for charter flights when he wasn using it.

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buy canada goose jacket cheap Passenger journeys have increased 9 per cent this year compared with the same point in 2018, while boardings are up 13 per cent. “Journeys across the entire new network are up 12 per cent,” the spokesman said. “Transport Canberra expects that patronage will continue to increase week on week from previous years.”June 11 2019 12:00AMCanberra light rail passenger numbers down in first weekAndrew BrownDespite the drop, a spokesman for Transport Canberra said more data was needed to determine trends on the light rail network and it was too early to determine if passengers were declining.”Historically, we see reduced patronage across the network due to poor weather and holidays,” the spokesman said.”The week of May 27 to June 2, we experienced three of the coldest days of the year and Monday was a public holiday.”More services had been added to the light rail network during the four week free period due to increased passenger demand.One extra service was added to the morning peak while three more were added to the afternoon peak.The Transport Canberra spokesman said the number of services running since the introduction of paid fares had not changed.”Service and capacity levels are continually monitored and any increase to service levels will be made as the need is identified,” the spokesman said.Overall, Transport Canberra says boardings had been better than anticipated, already topping numbers expected in two years time.”Transport Canberra is very pleased light rail is so popular buy canada goose jacket cheap.

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