In large part, this reflects his own personal racism

When it comes to the stocked trout they are fed normally and they have different kinds of vitamins and stuff introduced into their diets. As they eat more they get quite used to the artificial food that is fed to them in the early stages of life. So when they are let out into the wild they go looking for food that is similiar to the food they have been eating.

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I was reluctant to try kratom due to all the frightening articles about it on the web; and the fact that 12 step programs treat it as a drug. Government’s list of “drugs of concern”. Suddenly I had that “dj vu” feeling. Then in 2015, it was found that 11 of the 12 game balls the Patriots provided for the AFC Championship game were under inflated by about 2 pounds per square inch each, which could make them easier to grip. This scandal became known as Deflategate. Quarterback Tom Brady was hit with a four game suspension, though that ultimately was nullified in federal court.

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