“I mean, we got a big pile of underwear

With former NHL stars Pavel Datsyuk and Ilya Kovalchuk leading the way, many assumed OAR would coast to the medal round. But the first day of the men’s tournament taught us that the field is wide open. OAR will need a better effort up and down the line in order to avoid an appalling 0 2 start.

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Violence even by a small minority within a movement, as sociologist Todd Gitlin observed, “is food for the adversary.” The 1968 riots led to few reforms, but to great increases in the firepowers of the police.Moral deliberations point in the same direction. Violence is not merely a poor strategy, but it also raises major ethical concerns. The key moral value that the Black Lives Matter movement taps into is the sanctity of life.

I agree in that I’m more than happy to be contending for a playoff berth this season, and I’m happy our team is in the state its in. But if I had to pick between gambling on this team going for a cup or getting Lafreniere to make our team even stronger when our core is in their prime? Easily Lafreniere. I feel like this team is built to help our young stars develop more than it is to win it all with them.

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