At an income of $128,000 it will be fully clawed

Which is to say he’s humble.This season’s humbled him for sure.It couldn’t have started off worse. The Coyotes put him up for grabs at the start of the year; all another team had to do was match his $2 million salary. (That’s not the highest in the National Hockey League, but it’s not bad, either.) When no other team wanted him, Phoenix kept Boucher, but demoted him to the bottom of the heap, as third string goalie.

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Addington and Grieco have not only coached the Debs division team (4th, 5th, 6th graders) at OLSS for over 30 years, but have combined to win 25 championships at either the Island or state level, as well as many other competitions in New Jersey, during their tenure.Addington and Grieco have coached and mentored hundreds of girls over the years, many of whom went on to become coaches themselves. In addition to the numerous championships, Addington and Grieco have had the good fortune of coaching their own daughters including Jelli, Traci, Kimberli, Ashli, Lynne and Nicole and granddaughters Sara, Ava, and Makenna as well.”I have known these two women my entire life. The amount of time, effort and, most importantly, love they put in to their teams each year is admirable, said Cortese.

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