And if it wasn’t quite right, I just added more wine

Today, however, ivory collections like mine and ivory collectors themselves are being vilified. The current debate in Washington over ivory policy has far less to do with protecting elephants than it does with satisfying the assumptions of animal rights groups, making things simple for government officials and accommodating the special wants of hunters and the special needs of musicians and museum curators. Collectors have little voice in the debate, and their collections have been likened to blood diamonds or denigrated as vanity indulgences.

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cheap cheap jerseys nba nba jerseys If you don’t have that, that’s the big thing you’re playing for.In late April, Connecticut had nearly 2,000 patients hospitalized with COVID 19. But the state reported about 700 COVID 19 patients in hospitals on Monday.Meanwhile, the coronavirus outbreak is surging nationwide, with at least 27 states having paused or rolled back reopening plans as hospitals reach maximum capacity and the daily death count exceeded 1,000 five times over the past week.CORONAVIRUS RESOURCES: “It is my top priority to do everything possible cheap jerseys nba to ensure the safety and well being of our student body, especially during this global public health crisis,” Monmouth president Patrick Leahy said.”While I am extremely saddened by this decision, it was the right one,” Monmouth athletics director Marilyn McNeil said. “The health and welfare of our student athletes, their families, our coaches and our fans has to guide all decisions made in regards to competing in intercollegiate athletics.If the Big Ten opts to forge ahead with a season, that is.That’s no guarantee after Rutgers, Indiana, Michigan State, Maryland and Ohio State halted workouts because of positive COVID 19 tests in recent weeks. cheap nba jerseys

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